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Home Building Journey [1.0] - Building Yourself a Home is not a Rational Endeavor

Jun 9, 2018 2:47:22 AM / by Alex Bajc, VineOnBrick

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Our home is our shelter. We have a need to protect ourselves. We can go deep down the evolutionary tree to try find where it began, but it’s definitely something that is not our choice, but our nature.

Our home is our differentiator. We have a need to be different (better). Also rooted deep down in other living creatures there is a need to be the same enough to belong to the crowd, but also to be just a little bit different (better) than one next to us, just enough to attract attention of the mate.

The space we are in influences how we feel about ourselves. As shown in Stanford Prison Experiment and other studies, our surrounding influences and changes our behavior.

Coupled together those three facts drive us to make ever better and nicer homes. Rationally, we really don’t need more square footage, higher ceilings, nicer floors, stone slab from across the world, wood cut in the Amazon rainforest… but we really, really need it in order to make ourselves feel better protected, different (better) and lifted.

So when you start thinking about your next home, leave rationale aside, at least in the dreaming phase. It just messes up your thinking (and possibly relationship). It will come in handy in the budget phase, but please never forget that rationale is not the only driving force in the play.

Tell me about your dream home….

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